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  • Wow someone finally figured it out. Ordered on Tuesday and shipped the following day. No more waiting around for a week to have some fly by night outfit ship my order. Megagrowers, you got my business!

    - E. Tucker, GA

  • Excellent service with the actual stock on hand, the shipment was made the next day and a tracking number was provided. I have tried 2 other online supply stores which don't know what they have in stock. MegaGrowers.com has been bookmarked for all my future orders

    MegaGrowers.com Rocks!!

    - S. Stanley, CA

  • There's been no one on the net with better prices and discounts than MegaGrowers.com. They have everything I'm looking for and the fast shipping only took two days to get to me.

    It doesn't get any better than this!

    - K. Swanson, NY

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